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Home Buyers Tips

Where_to_begin_Shadow.jpgWhere to Begin?

We suggest our Buyer's Quick Start Program.  Because each buyer's needs are different, we ask that you tell us a little about yourself.  This will allow us to quickly address your current needs and long-term goals.  Start now with the online interview.

Homework_Shadow.jpgDo your Homework

You should do some comparison shopping among lenders. The negotiation of your loan terms over time can prove as valuable as negotiating the purchase price. The mortgage industry changes quickly. Therefore, doing your homework and being pre-approved will allow you to make an offer with confidence.

Preapproval_Shadow.jpgBe a Pre-Approved Buyer

A pre-approved buyer always has the advantage in an offer situation. Becoming pre-approved is very easy: you complete your loan application with a credit check prior to beginning your home search process. Pre-approval means that you have actually been approved for the purchase by a lender, which gives you the edge in home purchase negotiating.

Be_First_Shadow.jpgBe the first

 The search process can be time consuming. You will notice that some homes sell very fast and others hang around for long periods of time. The best homes at the best prices sell fast. Keeping on top of this is essential. Use our Custom Search feature to stay updated on the new listing.

Know_your_Market_Shadow.jpgKnow your Market

 Become an expert in your preferred price range and locations. Be aware of such things as the surrounding factors impacting value, travel times to conveniences and average days on market. We can assist with market trends and attributes.

EM_shadow.JPGBe a Serious Buyer

The best way to accomplish this is with strong earnest money and /or a due diligence fee. This can be important factor if you find yourself competing against other offers.

emotion_Shadow.jpgKeep Your Emotion in Check

 Even in a hot market, be cool and calculated with your decisions. Our knowledgeable agents can really be a calming influence. Your home purchase may be your single largest investment you will ever make.  You will find that an objective, experienced agent will assist you with maintaining a proper prospective.

KISS_Shadow.jpgKeep it Simple

 Don’t complicate the Offer to Purchase. Unnecessary contingencies, repairs or demands often are met with opposition.   The fewer items that complicate the seller’s acceptance, the more likely your initial offer will be accepted.

dont_go_alone_Shadow.jpgDon't Go It Alone

  In today's complex marketplace an experienced and professional real estate agent will prove to be invaluable. No matter how difficult the negotiations, our agents will provide professional advice, service and skill.  We not only negotiate the transaction, we provide a network of complementary professionals that will serve you before, during and in the years after you make your purchase.

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